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Jun 192007

I keep a spreadsheet of the restaurants I want to write about on this blog. Have a look. Is there something I’m missing? If I have already posted about a restaurant, it will not be on the list.

Feel free to let me know about the joints with the best food, scary places you would never go, restaurants with novelty specials, lunch spots in interesting locations or places staffed by really cool people. Please try to keep it locally owned.

And thank you all for your help!

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  1. Gotta try Lost Tules on Broadway. Between 16th and 17th Streets, on the West side of Broadway. Excellent, sloppy Mexican food.

  2. SoRedux
    Danny Edwards Famous BBQ
    It’s a Wrap
    Sienna Bistro
    Tarantino’s Downtown Pizza
    13th St Bar and Grill
    The Majestic
    Black Coffee
    The Quaff

    For your purposes, how far south counts as walkable downtown? I-670?

    south of I-670 / Truman / 13th but still north of 22nd:

    The Cigar Box
    Blue Bird Bistro
    Lillies on 17th
    Great Spot
    La Bodega
    Thai Paradise
    Webster House
    The Cashew
    Lulu’s Noodles
    JP’s Winebar
    YJ’s Snackbar
    Magazines and Coffee

    I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch.

    -Scott of Footslog

  3. maybe you’ve already reviewed this place…succotash in the city market. yummm….lima bean hummus – can’t beat it. and the 8 layer cake? fabulous.

  4. Fabulous suggestions, all. Including a bunch that I would not have thought of.

  5. Try Grinders at 18th and Oak:

    or The Brick, 17th and McGee:

  6. I second Tarantino’s, Minsky’s Pizza is pretty popular at the market,Casconi’s is good for breakfast across the street from the Market;LaSala’s although well-known old place,every time I got a sandwich from there it was soggy,like it was made the day before. At my work many people like Mongolian Beef from Red Dragon on 8th st. Danny Edwards is being kicked out by P&L district and will move to SW boulevard-too far.

  7. God, I can’t believe I’ve never been to Danny Edwards. This must be rectified. Does anyone know how long it will it be at the old location?

  8. PhoKC
    Off Broadway Cafe
    Savoy Grill
    City Diner
    Dos Hombres
    Sylvia’s Deli
    Suzy’s Deli
    Grand Gallery & Coffee
    Fred P. Ott’s
    Primo Pasta (in the Arcade)

    I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch still.

    -Scott of Footslog

  9. I second — or third — Los Tules and Lulu’s. If you haven’t already done so, try Pot Pie in Westport. It’s a tiny restaurant and usually busy, so make reservations and plan to take a long lunch. And ask the bartender for a look at his rude greeting cards. :)

  10. I have indeed been to pot pie, but not for lunch. For dinner, it is one of my absolute favorite places, along with the glorious 1924 Main. I’ve been privy to the owner’s funny pig tattoo but have never seen any dirty postcards. I’ll be sure to check those out.

  11. Now that you’re branching out you need to move down 39th St. I’d recommend starting with Blue Koi, they have a nice counter in the back that allows you to watch the staff prepare your food and is perfect for dining solo. D’bronx would also be a great starting place. Enjoy your chowing!

  12. ahhh, blue koi. expect a post soon, extolling the virtues of their pot roast.

  13. for mexican: Jalisco’s buffet at 26th and Strong in the Argintine, across from Micky’s surplus, great blue collar homestyle mexican, all you can eat

    Mi Ranchito, various location, Most when trying this mom and pop place start out conversing during the meal, more than once the table has gone quiet except for the forks hitting the plate, and exclamations of “god this is good”

    For home cooking

    Kamel’s Korner Restaurant
    1002 Swift Ave
    most of the regulars here don’t look at the menu, it is daily specials that bring them back in, friday is prime rib day….nuff said

    Woodswether Cafe
    1414 W 9th St

    burgers as big as your head, pancakes that cover the plate, home made fries.

  14. Have you tried any of the (2 or 3) hotdog stands that we have downtown? I’m always curious about them, but I’m not that brave.

  15. Pizza

    Johnny C’s – 75th Neiman
    Georges – 95th Antioch
    Pizza Shoppe – Several
    Original Pizza – College Antioch
    Italian Delight – Johnson Dr
    Half Time – River Market
    Kelsos – NKC
    Minsky’s – Several

    Quicks 7th st – 7th st
    Rosedale – SW Blvd
    Gates – Various
    Oklahoma Joes – 2 locations
    Zarda – 87th Quivira
    Jack Stack – Multiple
    Arthur Bryants – 18th Brooklyn

    Chartroose Caboose ~105th Metcalf

    I’m sure I could suggest a shiatload

  16. I’ve never exerienced a downtown hot dog stand though I have had one near westport. Not too impressed with it, but not scary in the least.

    Thanks for the continuing suggestions. Kansas Karl, sounds like you’ve got a big appetite! I work through this list slowly but surely, keep ’em coming.

  17. If you find the desire to drag yourself to the Mission area around noon on Saturdays you should try out Werner’s on Johnson Drive. They are a little German/Scandanavian delicatessen that make their own line of sausages. On Saturdays from about 11:30 to 1:30 they grill up their goodies. Divine. Plus, they are the perfect addition to a day of beer drinking.

  18. I wanted to suggest Vinh Hoa just north of the river on Burlington. They’re one of the only places in KC that to get Banh Mi (I assume you’re familiar with the sandwich). I’m just glad they’re still going.

    Pitch Review

  19. Go try India Paradise (or is it Paradisr India?) on 135th and Old Metcalf – southwest corner. They are brand-spanking new and have an unbelievably good buffet. Better than Korma Sutra (College & Metcalf). I was one of only 2 non-Indian folk in there. I took this as a good sign. They also don’t dumb-down the spicy for us ‘merican folks. I love this. Check it out. Yum. Prepare to nap afterwards.

  20. cogs, I’ve been to all of those places except pizza bella, which I must try. I’ll offer my humble opinions at some point down the line. These are great spots by the way, though for me, 1924 and blue bird are faves for dinner rather than lunch.

    Goofy Girl, great suggestion. You have countered all of my complaints about most indian food in the area. I’m there!

  21. Pangaea on 39th St.

  22. Like the blog, its giving me some new places to check out. I’ve seen a lot of BBQ places on here, but I haven’t seen the best in KC.

    If you like burnt ends, check out LC’s on Blue Parkway. The burnt ends are by far the best in the city, and the beans are up there.

    A couple of other suggestions:

    -Cupinis (has locations downtown and just past westport
    -Kitty’s Cafe
    -Thai Place @ 7th and Walnut

  23. Thanks schweis. I actually have “reviewed” cupini’s and thai place downtown, but that was last year when my posts were far less substantive. Basically I think they are both ok, and good options downtown.

    I agree about LC’s–I think their beef is tops in particular but haven’t done the burnt ends. It’s a great stop to/from a Royals game as well.

  24. I double-dog dare you to go to the new Stroud’s South and stay awake all afternoon.

    I can feel my arteries harden just typing this…

  25. I’m going to suggest two places that I personally intend to patronize at some point but haven’t yet. One is a Kenyan cafe…yes. It is apparently behind New Century Imports on 87th (by behind I mean the same place…the entrance is in the alley)

    Fanta’s Kitchen Cafe
    9934 W 87th St
    Overland Park, KS 66212

    from my understanding you have to go behind the building and through the alley entrance to eat there. You’ll certainly say “WTF is that internet guy talking about? I see nothing!” But apparently it does still exist.

    Another place is

    Salvadoro El Pulgarcito, 5921 Merriam Dr.

    I must say I haven’t eaten at either, but I do intend to eat at both. You are far more adventurous than I, and I will admit, I hope to get your take before I go.

    Now, the Salvadoran place gets good reviews (just too far from work). The Kenyan place is virtually unknown, and I just found out about it. Like I said, as far as I know it does still exist.

  26. You should check out KC Grill & Kabab on 87th & Hauser in Lenexa. It’s an Iranian buffet, and is much better than Holy Land Cafe.

  27. Anon, I’ve been to KC Grill & Kabob recently and am a preparing review to be published in the next few days. Had a great time there!

  28. Here’s a non-food, website related suggestion.

    I’m not even sure how easy or not this would be. But, how about creating a google maps mashup with all of the locations you’ve reviewed?

    I’m not always familiar with the parts of town that you have reviewed. Or, I’m sure I’ve forgotten about some of the lunch spots you’ve reviewed because I wasn’t working near that area at the time. A google map would be a great way to visualize where all of the places you’ve reviewed are.

  29. bfos, i have done this but it hasn;t been updated in a while. the process is easy but more or less manual and I get lazy. You’ll see a link way down on the sidebar or check out,+MO&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=105634998133543945999.0004397ba4a0ee85eb840&ll=39.10295,-94.58302&spn=0.050999,0.11673&om=1&source=embed

    Your comment makes me realize I should embed links to a map in each review. thanks for the suggestion!

  30. For THE BEST BURGER ,Phillies , and much more , everthing ive tried is excellent. Great atmosphere and very friendly sociable help. They make you feel like an old friend.
    Its another Merriam lane restaurant.
    “THE BURGER JOINT” 3216 merriam lane kcks

  31. Just found your site. Like you I am not originally from KC, and am on the lookout for good ideas.

    I hope you will give Fronteras another chance, having accepted your ignorance about the tacos al pastor.

    Other than the blistering heat of the plates, it is one of my favorite Mexican places and is not only locally owned, but truly family-operated. I have literally been there when the mother seated us, the daughter waited, the father cooked, and the son bussed the tables.

    They have a new location which just recently opened, but I work nearby the original strip mall location. There are even more Mexican restaurants in a one mile radius than there were, but it is still the best of them.

    In my arrogant opinion.

    In the same strip mall is a place for good Italian food at a slower pace called Mezzaluna. They have white linens, actual stemware, and an excellent veal marsala which is too much for lunch.

    I also recommend the Thai Place at 9359 W 87th Street in Overland Park. Atmosphere is… Well it is what it is. I still think it is the best of the 5 Thai Place locations, though.

  32. Christopher, I appreciate the comments. I was just thinking about Fronteras today (over lunch of course) and how it is consistently one of the most viewed pages on this site. That makes me embarrassed because of my mistake for sure, but it is against the unwritten contract of the blogosphere to remove or alter my review! But I’m amazed at how loyal the local following is–I really appreciate that about the place.

    As for Thai Place, I’ve been to the 87th St. location and it is indeed very good. The weird dining room in the hallway is kinda messed up however.

    Thanks for the Mezzaluna tip, hope you keep visiting and keep the suggestions coming.

  33. When you feel like eating Pho, or just something Viet, they also have roasted duck and pig on Fri,Sat,Sun. Go to KIM LONGS RESTUARANT AND MARKET. Its in Columbus Park…511 Cherry ST. next to overpass….Also good Banh Mi,(sandwiches)! All the dishes are under $5.00. Better value than Viet Cafe. You order at the register. The staff is nice too.

  34. Also try the weekend buffet @ Bangkok Pavillion on Metcalf. They have Beef noodle soup Thai/Lao style, plus so many good dishes on the buffet also papaya salad Lao or Thai style. Salmon w/ curry sauce…The only thai buffet in town, you won’t be dissapointed for only $12 bucks!

    If your in the mood for Thai, but short on time go to “Wai Wai” Thai Place Express on 135th and Antioch, right by 69 Hwy, that means “hurry, fast” in thai…think Pei Wei, but better than Pei Wei(Pf changs) they ain’t got nothing on Wai Wai! $6.95-$10.95 max, order at the front they bring food to you, just like Kim Longs

  35. Fantastic Michael, thank you. Nothing gets me motivated like good Vietnamese food. You can be sure I’ll check those out at some point.

  36. Great site! Thanks for doing all the leg work for us. Try Greek Cuisine at 11811 College Blvd. No atmosphere at all, but absolutely yummy.

  37. I'll fly the JoCo Flag:

    Adrian's Cafe – just east of College & 69: huge sandwiches
    LePeep – 79th and Quivera: yes, a franchise, but good lunch
    Mom's Kitchen – Sante Fe & Kansas City Road (Olathe): the old diner rocks
    Austin's – 151st and Mur-Len (Olathe): burger Monday's
    Freddy T's – south of Sante Fe on Mur-Len (Olathe): Good bar food, above average burgers, but they have TOTS!

  38. Thanks ShawnF, great suggestions–Olathe lunch spots are always particularly welcome.

  39. Go check out Kabob & Curry, 12112 W. 87th Street, in Lenexa. It's Indian food – buffet-style over lunch.

    I. Can't. Stop. Eating. There.

  40. I’ll agree with goofy girl. Kabab and Curry is quite good. I know very little about what is authentic and what isn’t when it comes to Indian food, but I know that Kabob and Curry tastes good to me.

  41. Stumbled across your blog, great site! I have a few suggestions if you get around to them. I work in the northland so that's where they'll be, since that's where I eat lunch.

    Habashi House – River Market – Family owned, they have a store next door. Food is quick and good.

    LC's Burgers – Platte Woods (south of 1-29 and Barry Rd., not affiliated with the other LC's in town)

    Swagat – Zona Rosa – Yes it's in the JoCo of the northland, but the food is good

    Longboards – North Oak, close to Smokehouse BBQ – Good wraps, family owned, get the Cabo Beef

    Harry's Country Club – solid bar & grill, beer selection that's comparable to Grinder's (I'm a beer snob, so I like that)

    That's all for now.

  42. Jason-Thanks for filling in some northland gaps. Been meaning to hit LC’s for a while but haven’t made it. Been to Habashi and Harry’s–both City Market faves.

  43. My suggestion would be to create a google map with each of your reviews mapped and linked on it. That way, it would be very easy to see WHERE to go for lunch.

  44. Jonathan C.–Thanks for the response. I do have a google map of the restaurants I’ve been to. Look on the sidebar and click “Map of Lunch Spots.” It usually takes a few days for me to ge the newest ones linked up but everything else is there.

  45. Camino Real in KCK downtown. Its like 7th and Minnesota. I work downtown as well and it takes all of 5 minutes to get down there. I highly recommend it for Mexican food. Wed has dollar specials on their Tacos de Pastor (seasoned pork).

  46. My favorite pizza place in KC is PAPA KENO'S — they have the best list of unique toppings and specialty pizza I have ever seen — have you ever had cream cheese or almonds on your pizza?

    There is a location in downtown OP – near 80th & Metcalf and one in Westport on 39th off Broadway.

    Their single slice is HUGE, cheap, and tasty — check it out!

  47. Heya. Go check out the lunch buffet at Masala’s Indian Diner, right by Whole Foods on Metcalf (where the old Ohana Hawaiian BBQ used to be).

  48. try out the american for lunch, $24 for three courses! its a steal! and its just so good…

  49. Hey Ashley, I just heard today that the American is no longer serving lunch :(

    Sorry I didn’t get a chance to check it out. Maybe if I win the lottery I’ll go for dinner!

  50. I am a lifelong resident that loves to eat and love to try new places. There are two(2) places that you should try and they are Portia's on Truman just east of Cleveland and Philo's Grill at Truman & Jackson. Portia's is a great sit down diner and Philo's is a not so fast food place with a wide menu ranging from Angus burgers to Gyros and even dinners.

  51. Teocali at 25th St and Holmes was pretty good.

  52. Have you been to Tasty Thai off of Northwest Prairie View Rd in the Northland?

    I’m a huge fan of their Pad Ki Mao (Chicken, Thai Hot FTW!), but the Angel Wing is pretty amazing as an appetizer. They use thai basil quite liberally on their Pad Ki Mao as well as their Basil Fried Rice, which is a bit sticky (fragrant rices like basmati and jasmine tend to be that way) and amazingly flavorful.

    I’ve been to a few of the Thai Place restaurants (Arun downtown and Thai Place on 64th) and both were extremely underwhelming in comparison. I’m not saying that Tasty Thai is without flaw (the panang curry is very tasty, but a bit too runny, and heavy on the kaffir lime leaves), but they serve up a better product than Thai Place, and without any of the pretentiousness.

    It’s one of those great hole-in-the-wall places that, by being adventurous one day, I lucked into finding.

  53. Callahan's on 87th has a "Lunch Stimulus Plan" right now due to the economy. It has a 1/2 lb cheeseburger and fries or tots for $6 ($6.50 for carryout). I've had it twice, and it was good.


    Also, a while back I recommended George's Pizza at 95th & Antioch (behind LJS). It is damn good so I'll recommend it again. It is St. Louis Style but not really in the way of Imo's. There is provel cheese involved however.

    I would recommend getting a mix of both provel and mozzarella. The provel adds a nice creaminess and browning factor while the mozzarella adds more body. Their Italian sausage is awesome. I'd like to know where they get it.

    They do have a lunch special which is a mini pizza and salad (get the house Italian dressing – I think it is pretty great). It is a great special, but I also recommend getting a 10" pizza or bigger sometime.

  54. Thanks JH. I always hesitate with pizza places because slices aren’t always available and when they are, not always good. So this is very good to know. I promise I’ll check it out soon.

  55. Speaking of St. Louis style pizza, Leo’s off of Englewood and 169 is pretty much awesome. Tiny hole-in-the-wall atmosphere, and for lunch they have 8″ “personal” pizzas. I believe they’re closed on Mondays, though.

  56. The Monty Hall Problem Speaking of St. Louis style pizza, Leo’s off of Englewood and 169 is pretty much awesome. Tiny hole-in-the-wall atmosphere, and for lunch they have 8″ “personal” pizzas. I believe they’re closed on Mondays, though.George’s and Leo’s are related in some way. George’s also used to be called Leo’s, and the “pizza man” sign at that time had a small “Thanks George” at the bottom. I’ve never been to the one up north but would like to check it out. Bottom line: I think they are basically the same.

    Now, on the slice issue, there are no slices. They do have the 8″, salad, and drink for like $6.50. It is very good. For that special, I recommend eating in. You can’t get the full experience without going for the 10″ or above. I can’t explain exactly what that means, but I think it has something to do with the crust. The lunch special is still pretty good though. If you haven’t had the St. Louis style before, look it up.

    I’ll say again, go for the mixed cheese.

  57. recordBar-pizza, pastas, sandwiches. Plenty of parking in front. Open at noon. Serving food until midnight daily.

  58. Thanks for the suggestion Tulipana. I love the recordbar and have eaten many meals there, just not lunch.

  59. I don’t know if you’ve made it out to Chosun Korean BBQ yet, but I just got back and really enjoyed it. I got the dolsot bibimbap, so it came in the hot stone bowl, pretty awesome. The wife got the bulgogi lunch which was also quite good. The kimchi was delicious. They also have an option to get a grill table and grill your own ribs.

  60. Genghis Khan Mongolian grill!

  61. I stumbled across a mention of what is apparently a new Central American (Salvadoran?) place on Roe near Brobecks. Sounds similar to El Pulgarcito

    PS – I'd love to see LTHForum do as well here as it does in Chicago or at least adjusted for population

  62. Speaking as one food-lover to another, I have a couple of suggestions that I haven't noticed you review:

    I've lived in Overland Park, Roeland Park, Olathe, the Northland, and worked downtown. I also run a weekly themed restaurant tour with my co-workers called Palooza's. We've had BBQ-A-Looza, Burger-Palooza, Pizza-Palooza, and so on. All that being said I am a life-time Kansas Citian with a lot of experience trying places all over KC.

    Here's my list of MUST-HAVEs that it doesn't look like you've had … yet.

    LC's Hamburgers (Northland)
    Town Topic (Downtown and Mission)
    Mad Jack's Fresh Fish (KC,KS)
    Danny Edward's BLVD BBQ (SW Blvd)
    D'Bronx (OP and State Line)
    Mama's 39th Street Diner
    Stroud's (Northland and Mission)
    Waldo Pizza (Waldo)
    Haye's Hamburger (northland)
    Kitty's Cafe – tenderloin (E. 31 Street KC,MO)

    None of these places are fancy, but, damn, they are good.

  63. Mr. Jayhok, This is a great list. I have been to some of these places but I have not posted about any of them yet.

    Most of your suggestions are, however on my spreadsheet of places to try. It's just a matter of me getting off my butt to try them all and write the reviews.

    I only know the Mad Jack's on Troost–is the KCK location better in your opinion?

  64. I can't say Mad Jack's in KCK is "better" that the one on Troost. It's just more accessible for me and seems more authentic atmosphere-wise. And by authentic I mean it reminds me more of the fresh fish shacks that are abundant across the Great Lakes area. I just loves those kind of places.

  65. One place I totally forgot to recommend to you is the Harvey House in Union Station.

    First, breakfast all day, so you have to love that. Better biscuits than Big Biscuit or Corner Cafe, and their Cinnamon Buns give everyone a run for their money (their plate size). Hash browns amazing.

    Burgers, very much like Winsteads, only more styles named after trains.

    Old fashioned diner counter, art deco, and just a cool place to go.

    Highly recommended.

  66. Try out Camino Realin 7th and Minnesota, you won't be disappointed in this Mexican place!

  67. Check out Coffee Break, 5400 Troost Ave. Awesome Sammies

  68. DonMarko, thanks. Their sandwiches are good? That's awesome since I can see Coffee Break from my front porch. Had coffee there plenty but never thought of it as a lunch place. I'll check it out.

  69. I just discovered your blog and love it! Have you ever tried Lutfi's Fried Fish. Right now it looks as though it's at the old Landing.

    In the past 10 year's I think they've been up and down Troost and Prostpect. I remember hearing someone mention it on the Bodinie show and at that time I was working at 63rd and Rockhill. I shot over there and found a classic hole-in-the-wall, slapped together with Home Depot supplies. THe fish was good, though not especially as cheap as the surroundings would suggest. I changed jobs and ended-up on 47th and Rainbow and went looking for them again and found them at 80-something and Prospect. Now they had the fancy stuff: tables and chairs and a counter to order and pay.

    Now I work in Overland Park and a trip to the Landing is a stretch at lunchtime. If you check it out and it's as good as it always has been, damn the clock! I'll get right over.

  70. Lutfi's! Great suggestion. I've seen the one over on 35th and Prospect but have never seen the outlet at the Landing. Fortunately I live close to there so I will definitely check it out. Thanks Andrew!

  71. I don't know whether you've been over to La Chihuahua (aka – Paleteria Chihuahua) at about 77th & Quivira, but I finally went in there yesterday and loved it. I had known that there was supposed to be a Mexican ice cream/popsicle shop in that area, but what I didn't know was that they also served tortas, menudo, burritos, tacos, etc.

    I had a carnitas torta that was delicious, and my friend had a barbacoa burrito which he loved.

    After reading your reviews of several Mexican spots, I have a feeling you will enjoy La Chihuahua.

    7769 Quivira Rd
    Lenexa, KS 66216-3406
    (913) 268-4995

    PS – The menu is on the wall, but the menus on the table have a few additional items (heck out La Cubana)

  72. Lufti's is sensational! You could bury someone on that buffet! The macncheese and cinnamon buns were fab.

  73. I suggest only going to Mama Tio's if you want to blog about how awful it is.

  74. Why Alex, of course I want to blog about how terrible it is. That's half the fun of this little bloggy exercise. The website makes it look, well, terrible.

  75. I second Paleteria Chihuahua at 77th & Quivira. I've been going there since last summer and it's good. The tamales are excellent, they have yellow corn regular tamales (get two) and large white veracruz style tamales in a banana wrapper, some herb in there is compellingly good though the tamale texture is more gelatinous than the corn style I'm used to. The tortas are excellent, I love the carnitas myself. (Well, pork fried in lard, what's not to like?) And they have ice cream! It's totally a lunch-type place, order at the counter, quick service. Sometimes the counter help does not speak english, but I always manage to get what I want. I think you would like it, though I guess it is a ways away from your stomping ground.

    I love your blog!

  76. Thanks Teague-that's very good info. It's actually fairly close to where I work so i can assure you I will pay them a visit.

  77. Don't forget Jovitos

  78. there's a new chinese buffet in the merriam shopping center and please check out greek cuisine, which is located across the street from johnson county community college

  79. Better get ready to put the Harvey House on your RIP list. Union Station is doing away with it. Go before they go, you won't be disappointed.

  80. Cafe Id̩ale in Brookside Р333 W. Meyer Blvd. Don't miss tomorrow's Sunday Brunch from 10AM Р2PM. Cheesy scrambles eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits & gravy, fried potatoes, fresh fruit and assorted desserts with your choice of coffee or orange juice for only $5.99. Can't beat that!! ;-)

    Facebook: #/pages/Cafe-Ideale/123843057665737

  81. If you haven't already, you gotta go to Bella Napoli in Brookside. They have great Italian deli sandwiches, and the attached sit-down restaurant, La Cocina di Mamma, has excellent pastas. I could eat there every day. Good coffee shop, too.

    I'm sure you've heard plenty about Papu's in the Shell station in Waldo. I can confirm that it's great.

    I've heard great things about Flavor of India, which is out in OP/Lenexa on 87th.

    I'm curious about the newish Moroccan place just south of Broadway Cafe in Westport. Can't remember the name offhand. That spot has been cursed in recent years.

    Another favorite place is Cancun Fiesta Fresh (in Westport), which, in addition to having the greatest name ever and lighted palm trees on the patio, has great food. Tiny place, favorite of KCPD.

  82. Thanks for weighing in, succotash. I have posted about Bella Napoli in the past and when I lived near Brookside, it became a regular weekend carryout lunch for me. Good stuff.

    Cancun Fiesta Fresh is a favorite too. I'm glad they have stuck around at another of those seemingly doomed restaurant locations.

    Flavors of India is a great buffet. I like them better than India Palace but haven't posted about it yet. Papu's and the Moroccan place (Marrakech Cafe) are on my radar. Marrakech is always depressingly empty so I should probably get there soon.

  83. ACES Cake Shop in Liberty
    113 West Kansas
    Liberty, Mo. 64068

    She serves great desserts and has one lunch item daily. Soups, Sandwiches, etc. Great cakes too. Worth the drive.