Drum Room: 13th and Baltimore

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Jul 182007

I had never been to the Drum Room and had heard nice things about it. Of course the Drum sign is an absolutely essential selling point, but I found the interior to be surprisingly modern, and completley lacking in old school charm. This was actually fine since the hotel itself offers plenty of that, including a cute archival display of old hotel relics like china, room keys and photos.

Unfortunately, the service during my visit was absolutely abominable. I’m not a bad diner mind you. I typically give every server the benefit of the doubt. I;ve waited tables and I know it sucks. I know what it’s like to be busy. But this shit was ridiculous. No one was rude, just oblivious and uncommunicative. My co-diner and I stood for about 15 minutes before anyone acknowledged that we were waiting for a table. Finally we were sat and given water and the made to wait at least 20 minutes for a server to pay attention to us. I was sucking ice cubes at that point and had changed my mind about what I wanted to order at least 5 times.

The waitress was extremely friendly and apologetic when she finally noticed us, but the offenses continued. After bringing drinks and taking our orders, we never saw her again. I was hoping for a refill on my $2.50 coke in an 8oz glass full of ice, but was never offered one. The food was excellent and reasonably priced for a fancy joint. Sandwiches run from 7-12 bucks. Add in 2.50 for your drink and a small tip for shitty service and there you have it.

I was very disappointed because when I go to a nice place, I am prepared to pay more. But for that money I expect better food and better service. The staff in the Drum Room had no idea what they were doing. A guy across from us got a free meal and an apology from the chef because they screwed something up pretty bad with him. I would have been happier if they completely ignored us so at least I wouldn’t have to pay for such a mediocre experience. But oh well.

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  3 Responses to “Drum Room: 13th and Baltimore”

  1. I am surprised you tipped at all for that kind of service.

  2. It would be different if the staff was rude, but they were just completely clueless. The whole thing was almost funny really. Having waited tables before I understand that mistakes happen. And at least i have a blog on which to vent my frustrations!

  3. Have been before where we were served the absolute wrong dish – had like 3 bites before I realized there was shrimp in it (I dont do seafood) and asked the bartender what it was . . . all he said was, oh, yeah, sorry – that’s blah blah blah . . . I asked if I could get what I ordered and he looked at me like I was a total bitch (mind you, Im probably the nicest diner and I’m sure I apologized 10 times – about his mistake – but it was shellfish, damnit, I wasn’t going to eat it!). he did order me what I wanted and left the other dish on the bar. . . some people at the bar next to us ended up eating it – said it was pretty good – but when the bartender gave me my bill – both entrees were on it! Horrible – horrible – horrible . . . I said something about it and he was just like, well they ate it . . . Paid the bill and left.
    Such a shame, too, because the President Hotel is one of my favorite buildings in KC and a wonderful place to stay – but have been to the Drum Room many times and have never been impressed.