Moving out into the metro

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Oct 222007

For a variety of reasons, I have decided to give up any pretense at remaining downtown with this blog. I’m just gonna rant about crappy lunches whenever and wherever they happen. I still have very particular notions of what a lunch spot is supposed to be:

good value
comfortable for solo diners
tasty food

I think it’s clear that downtown KC has a long way to go before it has much to offer in that department.

But guess what? So does virtually everywhere else in this metropolitan area. KCK? no way. Waldo? not even on a good day. JoCo? forget about it. This can be a truly pathetic lunch town. But there are shining spots, you know about many of them. And I’ll bring them both to you, in the off chance that anyone out there gives a damn. You see I believe that complaining is an essential part of making things better. People try so hard to make restaurants work, sometimes in hilariously misguided ways. Other times, people are doing it right, and for some reason, they go out of business because no one shows up. So here I am, establishing a culture of excellence around the dispensation of lunch, with a membership of one.

Oh yeah, I also quit my job downtown so I’ll be eating at a lot of other places now.

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  1. Great to hear you are spreading out. I’ve missed reading your rants aka reviews! Keep up the good work.