Toby Keith?

 Posted by at 3:54 pm
Feb 152008

I do not love your bar and grill.

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  1. Awesome review!


  2. That’s as close to one-word review as you can get. Maybe at the entrance to said bar and grill they should give people cowboy hats so they don’t feel out of place.

  3. or republican voter registration cards

  4. I give this review a “YEE-HAW!” Also, I concur.

  5. But would this be a good place for a late night snack after drinking a few 40’s of malt-liquor and perusing some interesting issues of Club? That is, of course, if you weren’t in the mood for Denny’s.

    Or is that jusr a WPB thing?

  6. Holy good jesus!

  7. Dude, are you brown bagging it everyday now? No posts for 2 weeks? I might have to start eating lunch at McDonald’s.

  8. what? you mean someone actually reads this thing?

    Yer absolutely right, i’ll get off my ass. eventually.

  9. Interesting point jray. A more important question to ask, however, is “Does this establishment server Upper 10?”

  10. It is a Cheerwine-only establishment.