Dec 202010

Today my list of 2010’s best new restaurants was published on the KCTV5 website and featured the following:

  1. Beer Kitchen
  2. ABC Cafe
  3. Shake Shack on Santa Fe
  4. Westport Cafe & Bar
  5. El Porton

Honorable mentions went out to El Huarache, Latin Bistro, Zaina and Gavino’s. Anything I missed? Anyone think I’m full of crap?

  7 Responses to “What are the Best New Restaurants of 2010?”

  1. I like the list, but would have liked to see Grunauer get at least an honorable mention.

  2. Has Zaina improved since they first opened? We tried it a couple of times right after it opened, and were pretty unanimous that it was worth the walk down to Habashi House if we wanted Middle-Eastern.

  3. Is #4 WestPORT Cafe and Bar?

  4. I hate to say it, but we're afaid Gavino's is going to go under. we tried going there for breakfast burritos a week ago on Saturday, and they weren't open at 9 a.m., like they usually are. My husband was going to try again at lunchtime, but they were still closed. Which SUCKS, btw. More people need to eat there!!! (We were hoping they were maybe just making an adjustment to their hours they're open, since they'd scratched them off the front door. But when they weren't open at 11:30 a.m., that really freaked us out.)

  5. I've gone to Gavino's a couple times at lunch and they've been dead.

  6. Grunauer would definitely be #2 behind Beer Kitchen for me. And I know they opened in December 2009, but very few went to Jack Gage before the new year. I'd have them right up there in the top 3.

  7. Haven't really been to all those on your list but the Shake Shack is the Snak Shack and I don't think it rates the list-IMHO it's just a 6.5 out of 10. there wasn't even any onion on my burger.