5th Anniversary!

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Jan 182012

It just occurred to me that this January marks the 5th anniversary of Kansas City Lunch Spots. I know I haven’t been the most consistent updater and tend to take long breaks between flurries of posts, but I genuinely appreciate the attention and support of my readers since 2007. I take pride in having been one of the most attentive food bloggers in the area since KC Lunch Spots was started.

I started this site out of sheer boredom, disappointed in the selection of downtown lunch spots. Happily the urban core has seen an expansion of food venues for better or worse and I’ve since focused more of my efforts on Johnson County, a fascinating but frustrating place to eat, which happens to be where I work these days.

Rest assured that I have no inclination to stop posting about any locale. The intervening years have seen me reporting on a variety of food-related topics but at the heart of it, I want to focus on the unpretentious, easy midday meal. This is why I generally don’t accept invitations to try new dinner menus at restaurants on the Plaza or offers to sample the new lunch fare at joe-sample chain restaurant (believe me, if you have a food blog, you will get offers). I like places that lend themselves particularly well to the life of the regular, working person.

Thank you all for reading and commenting. If you want more, like the blog on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

  6 Responses to “5th Anniversary!”

  1. Happy blog anniversary! I enjoy your blog’s focus on lunch and it’s introduced me to a number of places I might not have tried otherwise. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for all you do, DLC. I always appreciate your work.

  3. Congrats Dave! I think I started reading when you were still downtown before FB, Twitter, etc. I still look forward to your posts all these years later

  4. Happy Anniversary man. The combination of information & entertainment has made this one of my favorite blogs to read for years.

    If you are ever out here on the Eastside on a Saturday looking for lunch, let me know. I know it is outside of your normal area but the home cooking at PT’s in Oak Grove is something I try to share with as many as possible. I believe the name of the place refers to their hand made Pork Tenderloin, a popular dish when they owned Betty’s in Blue Springs.

  5. Totally love reading your blog when I need a good laugh….and some good food advice! Being a kid who grew up overseas and having traveled all over the place sampling different foods, it’s sad to say I am typically not impressed by food. Since I’ve had some really great food, weird food, and downright strange food…it’s hard to top anything really. I will usually hear about a place, go there very excited…and then leave very disappointed. Bummer. Thanks for providing some great reading entertainment! Keep it up! :)