Succotash: City Market – MOVED

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Jul 182007

FYI: Since my original visit 2 and a half years ago, Succotash has picked up and moved from the CIty Market to 26th and Holmes.

This place gets a lot of kudos from my friends, random strangers and the KC press. I’m happy to report that it is not entirely unwarranted. Most people I think, go to Succotash for weekend breakfast or brunch. Indeed they offer brunch fare all day long, in case you have a crepe craving at 1pm. I typically don;t have a crepe craving ever so this doesn;t matter to me.

Anyway, the lunch menu is not as huge as other places, but everything truly looks good. My Turkey Club was just about perfect–homemade bread, fantastic bacon, mesclun greens, nice cheese. It had the whole package. I’ve had their salads before too, and they do not disappoint.

Moreover, the service is casual, jaunty and quite efficient. It’s a place with nice food that nonetheless does not suffer from pretension. I’m trying desperately to find something negative to say, but honestly it’s hard. The prices are even fair. I did have to sit next to a couple with a restless child. This was not really a big deal, but I did get a kick out of seeing the family drive away with the child strapped in the front seat of an old-school jeep with no doors. Not a car-seat in site. Shades of my 70’s childhood.

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  4 Responses to “Succotash: City Market – MOVED”

  1. What about the creepy 10′ (or is it 20′?) painting of the girl with red soup dripping down her chin?

  2. Yes! When I originally reviewed Succotash it was summer and I always sat outside. Since then every time I sat inside I felt like I could never avoid that painting. I was just there this weekend in fact. Basically I think it’s an awesome painting, but it disturbs me profoundly.

  3. I like Succotash and I love supporting small, local places… but hot fuck does the service suck. I haven’t ever had any rude service like so many on review sites have, but it’s slow as shit. Come on, now. There’s being groovy and arty and non-conformist and then there’s being competent. I’m quite confident there’s some starving artists at KCAI than can manage to be timely and friendly who need the bucks, particularly in this craphole economy.

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