Oct 252007

My first foray into the wild world of johnson county lunch cuisine was, expectedly, pretty disappointing, but for weird reasons.

Wyandot 2 BBQ

Wyandot 2 is a great little barbeque place near 75th and Metcalf. Well, great in every respect except the food. It has a casual, almost bar-like vibe to it–wooden booths, brick, and faux-wood panelling come to mind, though I’m not sure there was all three. Basically if your grandpa turned his basement into a rec room/bar in the 1970s, Wyandot 2 will remind you of it. Right down to the cheap beer.

Wyandot 2 BBQ

This place also has at least two-maybe three-televisions on. Sorry but I’m not a fan. I prefer an ackwardly silent lunch to caterwalling ESPN ‘analysts’ in shiny suits any day. At least it wasn’t “The O’Reilly Factor” which I experienced at a truck stop outside of Des Moines recently. Worst. Buffet. Ever.

Anyhow Wyandot 2 is a counter service place which is just what you want in a barbeque joint. The employees are regular folks, which I also like to see. They are maybe a tad long in the tooth, maybe spent a few too many weekends at the local JoCo watering hole, maybe had a pall mall or six before breakfast, but they are fast and perfectly friendly. The menu is very typical of other places, as are the prices. Plan on spending 8 or 9 bucks on a sandwich, fries and a delicious fountain drink.

This is the kind of place that would go on the regular lunch rotation if only the food was better. But sadly, my brisket tasted like it was cooked in an oven.

Wyandot 2 BBQ

Wyandot 2 BBQ

It looked right–pickles, wonder bread, the whole nine yards, but had virtually no smoke flavor. Come to think of it, it didn’t really smell like smoke in the restaurant at all. It didn’t taste bad, but that’s not good enough. I’m sorry, people but this is just inexcusable for Kansas City. The OP has several very good BBQ spots but this is not one of them which is a shame because it could have the complete package. All that being said, I’ll totally go back because it beats the hell out of Mr Goodcents.

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  7 Responses to “Wyandot 2 BBQ: 7125 West 75th (OPKS)”

  1. Haha, I totally agree with you. I would also lump Johnny’s BBQ in Mission in that group. I think in KC we’ve got pretty high standards for BBQ, so it takes less to disappoint. I bet if it was located in Wisconson it’d be considered great =)

  2. I threw away the food from my one foray into the Wyandot 2. I drive by it nearly everyday and shake my head in disappointment.

    Sadly I found this place when I first moved to KC and I couldn’t find Oklahoma Joe’s. I gave up after about 45 minutes because I was just getting too hungry. I knew where the Wyandot 2 was for some reason and decided to just give up the dream and get my Q from Wyandot. This was a giant mistake as I had to throw it out after 2 or 3 bites. Even the fries were horrid. This turned into one of those nights where you’re just not going to be able to eat anything through bad luck (when I was single this sort of thing happened all the time). I just curled up in the fetal position in my dining room and fell asleep.

    Stupid Wyandot 2, I hate it.

  3. I am sort of a barbeque freak, and really, I think this place is usually pretty good. I like the sauce. Fries aren’t bad either.

  4. You know, I recall that the fries were pretty good. They came in a cute little paper bag.

  5. Typed a winded explanation why u should try it again and it disappeared while I signed up for an account…but go back again, I think u will be won over.

  6. I have made a repeat visit recently and found it better than I recalled. I wouldn't say I was won over, but I did like the sauce. Added some photos too.

  7. Yeah, it's nothing loin quivering, but it does in a pinch. Especially in that part of town, where it's a decent drive to get to any other place.