India Palace: 9918 W 87th St (OPKS)

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Nov 132007

Carrying on the fine tradition of the Indian lunch buffet, India Palace does not disappoint. The place is veritably hopping during lunch hour, but I can’t imagine you would ever have to wait unless you were with a large group.

The buffet itself is about on par with Taj Mahal on Wornall. In other words, very good but don’t eat too much unless you want to belch tikka masala fumes for two days. Actually belching will be the least of your problems.

The restaurant itself is not fancy, and kind of ugly. Vinyl booths, industrial carpet, drop ceiling, etc. But don;t come for the decor, come for the food. The assortment at the buffet is quite impressive for its modest size, and includes everything you could want: samosas, pakoras, vegetables, chicken, lamb, beef, nan, rice, and a variety of deserts, including those weird little doughnut balls soaked in sugar syrup. There’s also a dispenser full of free chai!

I tried everything and everything I had was good except for the chicken samosa. Usually these are vegetarian appetizers filled with a mixture of potato, carrots and spices. The chicken in this samosa was choped to a gritty, fine consistency, and unaccompanied by any friends with better mouthfeel.

Service was really a nonfactor because of the buffet aspect, but the folks were friendly as they seated us and took our money. Speaking of the latter I think the buffet runs 9 bucks–I can’t remember exactly. I’m always on the lookout for good Indian food. Taj Mahal is pretty solid, as is Korma Sutra which has the disadvantage of really odd decor and proximity to drunken westport hooligans on the weekends. I would not travel out to JoCo from KC just to go to India Palace, but if you live or work out that way, it worth a stop for lunch.

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  2 Responses to “India Palace: 9918 W 87th St (OPKS)”

  1. Personally I enjoyed Ruchi over at College & Antioch more so than India Palace (although India Palace was good). I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.

    Also, was it just me or does India Palace only serve water?

    Awesome blog. If you ever want company in JOCO let me know

  2. thanks–I’ll be sure to check out Ruchi at some point.