Mr. Gyros: 83rd & Metcalf

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Dec 052007

Mr. Gyros is hilarious in many respects. Firstly, its name brings a smile to my face because I picture a little talking gyro. Kind of like that Arby’s talking oven mitt, only not stupid and idiotic. Mr. Gyros also looks hilarious. I mean the faux-Greek temple thing is awesome–as if to shout “this is a temple of processed lamb goodness.” It’s actually easy to miss because it’s white and kind of clean cut in a way that most fast food joints aren’t. As someone pointed out to me recently, it looks like a bank.

Now, before I tried it, I had heard from several people (some of them actually reliable) that Mr. Gyros was awesome, not to be missed. So naturally I was prepared to hate it. Nothing raises more red flags with me than someone telling me that so-and-so’s has the best ______ in town. This is particularly true when you are talking about a fast food spot which Mr. Gyros, despite a few weird indications to the contrary, most definitely is. Among people who grew up in JoCo in particular, the place is the stuff of legend and well-revered. Which is also hilarious.

All that being said, Mr Gyros may have the best gyro I’ve ever eaten.

Mr. Gyros

And it’s a simple thing: pita, meat, tomato, onion, period. And a side of flawless tzatziki sauce. The pita is warm and soft. The meat is tender, well-seasoned, and lacking in undesirable mystery components that one occasionally finds in less reputable Greek establishments. My one complaint? It’s small, real small. You can’t get by on just a sandwich, you need something else like a salad or at least a piece of delicious homemade baklava. Or better yet, two gyros.

Mr. Gyros

So, now I have to go back–again and again, which is really too bad, because I was all prepared to hate it and continue to mock the Greek bank from afar.

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  10 Responses to “Mr. Gyros: 83rd & Metcalf”

  1. i heart meatpockets, and mr. gyro’s is pretty f’n great.

  2. They’re mos def good, but i still prefer the Habashi spot in the River Market, das’ some good meatin’ there, plus they serve humus, which is my favorite in the city.

  3. I want to f’ing drink their tzatziki sauce.

  4. Ah, yes, Mr. Gyros rocks for lunch. However, you are comatose the rest of the afternoon back at the office!

  5. I’m always a little comatose at the office anyway.

  6. i personally think that the gyros at mr. gyro are substandard compared to anything in chicago. i’ve eaten there once and that was enough. what kind of gyro place doesn’t have french fries?

  7. I agree with Belge. Any decent greek place is gonna have way better gyro’s, I mean really if you don’t got it on a spit it ain’t worth s#@t!

  8. Mr. Gyro does have it on a spit, but the grainy dill laden yoghurt isn’t what i want with a gyro.

  9. Years ago I went in to Mr Gyros with a friend from Texas. He was a joker and knew better but told the lady at the counter “give me one of the guy-rows“. She corrected him and again he said it slightly different but wrong (on purpose) but acting like he was trying. This went back and forth until I seriously thought the lady was gonna jump the counter and he finally said it the correct way.

    She then asked him if he wanted anything else and he responded,

    “Yah, give me some of that back-lava”

    You should have seen that lady’s face!

  10. you still have to try house of gyro's on lynwood across crom costco. huge gyro'sit is chopped a bit and grilled, and in a pita pocket, but is one of the best I have eaten, go!its worth it