Feb 232009

I had a review in the works for this place, a good little burger joint at 87th and Quivira which opened several months ago. But I went back a couple weeks ago and saw this:


When I paid my first visit at the urging of Jenny Vergara back in January, I was pleased to encounter another burger/fries/chicken joint offering fresh ingredients, conscientious preparation with a blue-collar sensibility in the spirit of Big Bam’s, Burger Joint, and Grandstand. Sometimes you want a good burger without the pretense of Blanc or Chefburger. Fortunately we still have some options. But the reasons for Parkway Cafe’s disappearance from the KC food landscape are a mystery to me.

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  1. Well, I can’t answer your question. I work right across the street but hadn’t gotten the opportunity to eat there (they probably don’t have anything that would fit my diet). I did notice that during the last two very windy days, parts of the building had been blown off and remained in the parking lot. They had a large pointed cap on top of the building that apparently blew off and on another date I had seen a couple of the window awnings laying down on the ground. Interesting…


  2. Was this the place in the former KFC (and later two different Mexican restaurants) space? There is something about that location that just doesn’t work. I can’t put my finger on it, but I’d bet dollars to donuts it’s the location.

  3. Well damnation, I almost went there today. I was glad to find a burger joint so close to work. I had a few issues, but it was the best flat-top cooked burger in the immediate area (if someone knows of another please share). Bam’s, Grandstand, and Burger Joint are all good (except Burger Joint’s breaded fries recently, WTF), but this place was nice and close.

    Anyway, thanks for the update.

  4. Callahan’s used to have the best Monday burger specials (87th and Rosehill in Lenexa), but unsure anymore

  5. I own a restaurant in another part of Johnson County and had inquired about this space before Parkway Cafe opened. The rent was $5000 a month which is very high for an independent operator to have to pay. A national chain (Burger King, Hardee’s) might do well there. It’s too bad the landlords are the only ones making money these days.