LC’s Bar-B-Q: 5800 Blue Pkwy

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Aug 142009

Everyone who likes to talk about local food and restaurant stuff should be reading and participating in the LTH Forum. A number of funny, articulate and knowledgeable folks are writing about KC restaurants of all kinds. I have heard about a few places for the first time there, and next to twitter it’s the best place to get up to the minute news about the local restaurant scene. A recent BBQ excursion arranged by the site’s founder Aaron Deacon took a large group of out-of-towners around to Arthur Bryant’s, Oklahoma Joe’s, Woodyard and LC’s Bar-B-Q. This got me thinking about paying another long overdue visit to LC’s.

LC's Bar-B-Q

LC’s consistently appears on those ubiquitous and subjective lists of Kansas City’s best barbecue joints. For reasons unbeknown to me I haven’t been out to LC’s in ages which, for a food lover like me is just about inexcusable. Good, popular barbecue is not something I can eat every day but I make it a point to get to Bryant’s, Gates, Oklahoma Joe’s and innumerable inferior places a couple times a year. Why not LC’s?

Part of the reason for my oversight is the physical and psychological location of the restaurant. Situated out on Blue Parkway, LC’s does not sit on prime real estate. The drive from KC central takes one through a strange part of the east side that seems semi-rural and partially abandoned, leading to a sense that it is very far away. But it’s really not. From the Plaza it will take you ten minutes. Seriously, for less time than the length of an average Yes song you can take yourself out for some of the best barbecue in the area.

LC's Bar-B-Q

Yes, some of the best in the area. I think it’s that good even though I haven’t eaten there as many times as your average barbecue enthusiast.

This last visit was all about the burnt ends, people. While many menu items are very good, this is what most folks mention when talking about LC’s. The first time you try the burnt ends you will get that slack-jawed, eyes-closed expression normally associated with the best kinds of sexual gratification. I don’t think I ever truly understood burnt ends until I had these.

A modest fee of $8.95 will get you a huge portion of these tender beef nuggets that explode with delicious flavors of smoke, spices and rendered fat. Arriving doused liberally with LC’s very good tangy sauce, the beef has a highly complex texture. It melts in your mouth like pot roast but isn’t stringy. Chewy pieces of bark punctuate each piece. There is a fair amount of fat but it doesn’t overwhelm and doesn’t need to be picked out.

LC's Bar-B-Q

The burnt ends at LC’s are truly a revelation. But let me caution that they are extremely rich and flavorful. I think only a crazy person could stomach an entire portion, though I’m sure it’s been done. If you want to be productive later in the day, you might want to opt for the half smoked chicken or a ham sandwich.

LC's Bar-B-Q

I ate probably less than half of my burnt ends and probably would have felt sick having much more. It didn’t help that I had a giant basket of french fries to deal with also.

LC's Bar-B-Q

The fries will set you back a very steep $3.45 but can easily be shared among a table of folks. As you can see, these are thick cut taters, almost like steak fries. I don’t normally care for fries of this size and these were no exception. I found about half the order to be slightly undercooked, giving a few of them that heavy, boiled potato-like consistency inside. They were nonetheless a nice starchy accompaniment to the meat, especially since the white bread quickly turned to mush.

I definitely want to give a shout-out to the beef sandwich here as well since it is my favorite brisket in the city. As always you get a huge portion in a white bread sandwich cut into delectable towering meat triangles. The beef is the best combination of tenderness and flavor that I’ve found. I had the ribs on one of my previous visits and found them a little overcooked and still too fatty, but this was probably three years ago. I certainly would not hesitate to try them again.

Every review of LC’s you read will talk about what a dive it is, but it’s actually a little cozier than I remember. I eat in sketchier places every week. There is a little ice cream freezer as you walk in, a couple lighted menu boards and a lot of taxidermied birds and fish. I don’t think the appearance of the space should even be an issue. In fact, I think Arthur Bryant’s is more of a dump and most Gates locations just look like Wendy’s with a weird design aesthetic. Really the most annoying thing about LC’s is the loud TV that always seems to be blaring some preposterous daytime program, like that game show with Howie Mandel.

Out of curiosity I searched for the health department inspection results on LC’s to see if the “dive-ish” qualities affected food safety. Interestingly I could not locate anything on the City of KCMO Health Department site. So an opportunity to be a smart-ass was lost. Alas.

The service is pretty good. The folks behind the counter certainly lack the attitude of Bryant’s employees and the hangdog incompetence of Gates workers. It is, however a much smaller operation that either of those two places. The only glitch during my last visit was the absence of pickles on my tray which I had asked for. No big thing, the cashier just gave the cook a dirty look and brought them out to me. (Yes, you have to ask for pickles here.)

I’d like to encourage everyone who loves barbecue to make a trip out to LC’s sometime soon. It’s right on the way to Kauffman Stadium if you take the back way. What could be better before (or after) a ballgame? Sure, it’s location is a tad odd, and maybe the neighborhood ain’t much but I think LC’s is on the Kansas City Must-Go list.

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  11 Responses to “LC’s Bar-B-Q: 5800 Blue Pkwy”

  1. I think this review is spot-on. And your part about how the location seems much farther away than it really is made me realize that I need to get there more often. You're right – driving through that semi-rural area makes me think it's quite a distance to get to when in reality, it's closer than a hike out to 119th street. Hungry now.

  2. I ate at an LC's in Lenexa once, at 95th and I35. It's a Mi Ranchito now. I wonder if this was the same guy?

    I liked the food, although it was a tad bit expensive – like 10 or 11 bucks for sandwich and fries. Big portions, but the meat was a little fatty.

    But what set me off was the 'tude I got from the guy behind the counter. Kept givin me the stink eye. It wasn't late, but I could tell he just wanted me outta there ASAP.

    Never went back and they closed soon afterwards.

  3. Wait a tic…

    You're telling me that there is a bbq place in this town that doesn't ruin, yes I said RUIN, BBQ by assuming that people just want those discusting devils spawm pickles, and that they are just left out unless you ask for them, and I've never been there?

    I'm gonna wreck this diet tonight.

  4. Yes D, that is exactly what I'm saying. Even on the menu it says "Ask if you want pickles"

  5. Papias –
    The short-lived JoCo LC's was indeed connected to this one.

  6. I am in with giving props to Aaron Deacon and his forum. On the subject of LC's to my shame I never ate there. I think it just reflects on my driving habits,very rarely I am in the mood to make a special trip to eat and I am not around these parts otherwise.

  7. Great review, except you shouldn't suggest grabbing dinner or lunch before a Royals game. Quick, efficient service is not their trademark, and unless you get there real early, you're gonna miss an inning or two. Papias- I also got the stink eye from LC's son who ran the place in Lenexa a few years back.

  8. Thanks for this! It seems every time we've talked about going to LC's, it's Sunday (and they're closed). I'm thinkin lunch this Saturday sounds good.

    Also thanks for including info on the fatty meats & brisket. I've found that Gates is the ONLY place in town that doesn't have gigantic lumps of fat in their burnt ends – guess I'll have to check out LC's since this sounds promising. And their fries sound exactly like the kind I don't like, so I'll skip those.

    How are the other sides? Do they have anything beyond the typical fries/slaw/beans? (Guess I'll just have to go & see for myself.) Thanks again!

  9. I agree that when it's at it's best there is NONE better in KC. My last trip I hit a downer but all my other times were homers. I had a nirvana experience last year with the best beef sand. ever! Sent me into ecstacy beyond words. The incarnation in JOCO apparently was not very good.

  10. As good as LC's is, this isn't really a surprise.

  11. […] be hard-pressed to order anything else. Sure, I prefer a thinner slice such as that at Gates or LC’s and the Edwards’ brisket has all the marks of having been steamed in foil to achieve extra […]