Aug 242011

The folks at Original Pizza know what they are doing. The guys who work behind the counter have exactly the demeanor to handle the significant lunchtime rush at this spot near Corporate Woods in Overland Park–jokey, effusive and quick-witted. The ordering process works well enough, although it can be hard to fully process the range of pizza slices available behind the counter when there is a line behind you.


Those who order salads step aside to the front of the counter where you can choose from among a dozen or so toppings for the tepid pile of iceberg and romaine lettuce. Not a great salad, but at least there is choice involved.

When original Pizza is firing on all cylinders, it’s hard to beat their slices. This is thin-crust pizza served in large-ish New York style triangles.



Despite looking somewhat undercooked on the top, the slices in the photo above have crispy, scorched crusts. You can order thick-crust (Sicilian-style) pieces but they are not nearly as delicious.

Sicilian style

All pies are premade and stored in the deli case. Upon ordering, slices are put into the oven for a minute or two to crisp up. This is not only a common practice among pizzerias, but one that effectively balances freshness with quickness. If there is a small line, your slices will probably be ready by the time you pay and help yourself to a fountain drink. My preference is to order the slices well-done, which can take a couple minutes longer. The guys here have a tendency to pull slices out of the oven too quickly which can deprive diners of the joy of a fully crispy bottom crust. So I recommend asking them to keep it in the oven a few more minutes.

But this pizza evokes the classic New York style unlike any other I’ve had in Kansas City. Order a plain cheese and see if you don’t agree. Interestingly Original Pizza has a location in the Oak Park Mall which is highly regarded by some. I actually ate there once and couldn’t get past the utter drudgery of eating in a food court. I also remember the plain, premade salad and the undercooked pizza being inferior to the flagship location.

Original Pizza

Original Pizza has a number of other Italian menu offerings but in limited varieties: sausage stromboli, ham and cheese calzone, and a very good meatball sandwich on excellent crusty bread. The sub is hard to eat, but worth ordering. While not perfect, Original Pizza is a highly worthy lunch spot in the heart of Overland Park, perhaps better suited than any other to satisfy a pizza craving.

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  10 Responses to “Original Pizza: 11134 Antioch, Overland Park”

  1. Last I heard the relatives of Original Pizza opened a new place over in South Kansas City called Mama Leones.

    • Mam Leone’s has been suggested to me as a place with good pizza but I didn’t realize there was a family connection there. Thanks for the info, Tara.

  2. I grew up on Original Pizza. Not this location but the one in the long razed Banister Mall. Their pizza taste like childhood to me and I was happy to find out this location existed when I worked in cup cake land for a stint. @Tara thanks for the heads up on Mama Leone’s. I have family out south and am always looking for somewhere to eat with them so that is a near perfect spot!

  3. We went there a lot when I was in high school. Totally forgot about it until I read this. I remember liking it a lot, but this was also the time when I liked tight-rolling my jeans and drinking Boone’s Farm. I should try it again sometime.

  4. Their pizza is pretty good. But I usually sit close enough to the kitchen to listen to the banter, which makes this a great place to go if you happen to lunch alone on occasion.

  5. Their pizza is pretty good. They will make your salad “Greek” if you ask for it.
    But I usually sit close enough to the kitchen to listen to the banter, which makes this a great place to go if you happen to lunch alone on occasion.

    • At Mama Leone’s (It is my S. KC connection to Original Pizza lol) they do the banter too. One time I went in and ordered their lasagna (totally think it is yummy and worth the try) and the guy behind the counter asked me how i wanted it, I had never been asked that before so I just replied with “I want it to taste good” he laughed and told me that I was his “Princess” and that he liked my “quick wit”. He then continued to tell everyone else who worked there to call me “Princess”. It made me feel quite special!
      The brothers are always bantering and are always in good spirits. They get all the family kids to work the registers and learn the business. It is a great place and so is the Original Pizza in Lees Summit and Blue Springs.

  6. We got a pizza from there once.

    That’s all we needed to decide never to do it again. Blech. (They use canned mushrooms. UGH.)

    We order from Rosati’s instead, when we’re craving Italian to-go. Damn good food there!

  7. I wish I knew how to contact the owner or owners. I love the college and antioch location. I went to the Oak Park location yesterday and will never go back again. I witnessed an overweight lady order a pizza to go. She was asked ” Is this for just you?” She left as did I. What kind of customer service is that? Honestly, If I had been treated that way, I probably would have gone postal.

    • I am appalled to hear that and so would the owner. You can usually find him mornings at the college and Antioch location or just call there and ask for him or his phone number, I can assure you he would want to know! I love their food and eat there a lot and yes every is very friendly and helpful at that location.